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Neglect… Sorry…

I could offer a million excuses as to why I have neglected this page but, none would be good enough to me, or you… Life got busy and I failed to keep up… Not anymore!


Excuses & Explanations…

I have been busy with a LOT of things lately! So, my blog has been suffering… I would like to explain:

1. I recently spent several weeks refinishing 2 large pieces of furniture. Before and after photos are below!

2. I have recently bought a Mac desktop and am converting everything photography related to it, while cleaning up my old external hard drive and Vaio laptop… This task has taken much longer than I expected! Should be finished today or tomorrow (fingers crossed)…

3. I have had a few shoots that I needed to tend to recently (one for a model/client of mine, one for a local radio station – Kinetic HiFi (check em out on the web: I will be on the show ‘Fired Up’ on the first Wednesday of every month from 8-10 PM EST)… You can listen to any of their shows at anytime via the website ( or you can download the app ‘TuneIn Radio’ for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad: or for your Android phone or tablet:… Last time I was on the show (Wednesday, August 1st), we had my father on the chat page and had a blast talking about massage, photography, chasing flies and so much more! You can listen from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a signal), just go to the website or download the apps (and search for Kinetic HiFi)… It’s a local radio station that is dedicated to community helping community! You can see the photos from the launch party on my website:!i=2021706978&k=pjR2wgJ

4. I have been dealing with some personal issues, that I won’t get into… All I will say is I was ‘kid-free’ for a few weeks and I didn’t do too well with it! But, my youngest is back now and school is about to start so, it’s all good now! LOL

5. I have recently developed some medical issues: A lot of people have heard of Lupus but don’t know much about it. There are 3 types of Lupus (even people with Lupus don’t usually know this)… I won’t go into great detail about each but here is a quick bit of info on the 2 types I am not at risk for:

– Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Also called SLE, this is the type of lupus that most people mean when they talk about the disease. SLE is the most serious form of lupus.  SLE can affect the skin, joints, and tendons. It may also affect organs like the brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys.

– Cutaneous (or skin) Lupus: This type of lupus is a skin disease that causes a rash on the face, neck, scalp, and ears. There are two types of cutaneous lupus: discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), which can cause scarring; and subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus (SCLE), which doesn’t cause scars. Discoid lupus is a much more rare form of lupus than SLE, although about 10% of people with discoid lupus will develop a mild form of SLE. It doesn’t affect other body organs the way that SLE can.

– And the 3rd type of Lupus (the one I MAY have) – Drug-Induced Lupus: This type of lupus is caused by a reaction to certain kinds of medicines. For example, some types of anti-seizure medicines and acne medicines can cause this kind of lupus in teens. Drug-induced lupus is similar to SLE in the ways it affects the body, but once a person stops taking the medicine, the symptoms usually go away.

There are over 100 medications that can cause DIL (Drug Induced Lupus) and I happen to be on 3 of them! I have been keeping a close eye on all my symptoms and am going to the Doctor today at 4:15 PM EST to find out more! I have several symptoms of DIL but, they could also be explained by other factors… I know it may seem ‘coincidental’ but, you never know till you know! I’ll know more this evening and update the blog then! Until then, please do not worry about me, spend your energies and emotions on yourself and your families… I will be fine! I promise!

Now, after all that has been said, here are some quick photos of my recent projects, 2 chest of drawers that needed to be refinished, one stained (sanded it down to bare wood and re-stained it as well as poly), one painted (had 7 layers of old paint on it that I had to remove before I could repaint it):

Before of number 1:


After of number 1:


Before of number 2:

ImageAnother before of number 2: (it was really bad)

ImageAnd the after of number 2:


I also finished up a custom piece of artwork for a very dear friend:


I will be updating again later tonight and tomorrow both!


Been in a MAJOR slump, emotionally lately… I promise to catch up on here soon! Sorry guys!

Finally – The Joys Of An In-Studio Shoot!

This one is going to be short and sweet…

The joys:

1. Easier to control lighting! Without having to count on mother nature to provide good lighting, you take more risks and end up with better photos!

2. No ‘weather’ to worry about! Sure, you have to worry about the weather when it comes to getting to the studio but, once there, come rain or high-water, you can still shoot!

3. Over-all CONVENIENCE! No models looking for a place to change, no ‘looky-loo’s’ trying to figure out what is going on, no hassle of ‘restroom needs’! 


Oh, you thought this was just a ‘Joys Of’? Oh no… Here are some headaches:

1. Lighting not exactly as you wanted! Yes, no clouds to worry about but, depending on wall colors, size and texture, you may not get the lighting you wanted!

2. Sure, you don’t have to worry about standing in the rain, but it could still get tracked in or keep your models, etc from venturing out!

3. Some would argue that you sacrifice ‘realism’ for ‘convenience’, and I agree (to a point)! Sometimes, it just isn’t easy to shoot outside but, sometimes… You will not get ‘that shot’ indoors!

So, what am I getting at here? What is my point? Simple: Make yourself pliable! Be able to shoot indoors or out! Yes, most of the time, an indoor shoot is preferred but, you won’t get the same affect as you do outdoors! And, you won’t always be able to get the look you want indoors! Making yourself available for indoor AND outdoor shoots gives you a GREAT advantage over most photographers… Some have no idea how to light an indoor shoot and some are lost when the sun comes out… If you can handle both, you double, or more, your clientele and your model forum… Learn to be ready for anything! Make sure that when you look back at opportunities, you took them… Putting limits on yourself, especially something as simple as indoor or outdoor, will limit your creativity and your ability!!! Here are 2 examples of each, indoor and outdoor shoots:



(controlled lighting, at night with no flash or glare)






(nature’s lighting with a great backdrop and natural elements you could ‘fake’ indoors but never get exactly right)

Just be sure to be prepared for a ‘weather issue’ when planning a shoot… Sometimes the rain or clouds add just the right affect to the shot and sometimes, controlling your lighting is key…


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