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Professionalism & Integrity…

First, definitions:


— n: the methods, character, status, etc, of a professional


— n: adherence to moral principles; honesty

Second, what this means as a Photographer:

As a Professional Photographer, I always make sure that I uphold my professionalism and my integrity. I have asked several people that I know to define the word ‘professionalism’ and here are some of the responses I got:

– Brandie Thomas Carney

I think appearance should be profession appropriate one shouldnt go into a business meeting in Jeans and a t-shirt… One shouldnt use profanity when dealing in professional manner also being.very articulate is a plus… Tardiness,.aloofness and being pompus is sure to lose business or not get hired.. one should be confident without being condescending.. nice without butt kissing…. Dont hog the conversation nor correct the other person people tend to get offended or pissed about that

Appearance is very important, its there first impression. Not making your sells pitch all about what you know, instead ask about their hobbies, interest etc. you would be amazed how many walls come down and how many times you walk away with a sell. Following through with what you promise, that is the best advertisement
Professionalism = quality. But trait-wise, I’d say to be unprofessional is not being able to relate/understand/ground yourself with those you’re suppose to be working with in a profession.
You may wonder why I am bringing this up? And why now? I will explain…
I have been noticing several ‘professional’ photographers (and ‘professionals’ from other areas) using their social media pages to express their ‘opinions’… Usually they are opinions that would fall under the heading of ‘no harm’ but, a few have been posting and saying things that I, myself, find to be very un-professional! Most of these would also fall under the label of un-professional by the standards of the above referenced definitions… With that said, I will now explain WHY I am blogging about this subject… I try my best to keep myself and those involved in my business life, as ‘professional’ as possible! It really begins to take away from MY professionalism when others in my industry are not ‘professional’… This is how certain businesses and certain professions get a bad name… So, I am basically asking that when you are presenting yourself as a ‘professional’ that you act as so! I do not like, nor do I want, to keep defending my chosen profession because a few people in the industry have chosen to act in an ‘un-professional’ manner (be it by means of actual actions, postings on Facebook, twitter or other social media sources, or by general reputation created by their lack of understanding that they represent ALL in their profession)… So, if you have a gripe or a complaint (especially about a client!), please DO NOT express this in ANY open forum! I had so much more to say about this topic but, I have gotten so frustrated by all of this that I am just going to leave it with this statement: YOU represent EVERYONE in your field at ALL times, remember that, PLEASE!!!

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