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One Amazing Photograph A Week – Weeks 2 & 3

Got a little busy the last 3 weeks, had 3 shoots in 2 nights (2 weekends ago) and a VERY important charity function shoot the following Friday, I was at that one for 7 hours! Worth it but, had me pretty occupied! Then I had a baby shoot  this past Thursday and immediately after wrapping that up, had to get ready to go see Wicked! So, I have been really busy, trying to catch up!

Wicked was AWESOME by the way!!! If you haven’t seen it, GO! Tickets are high priced but it is a show like no other! I only wish I could have photographed it and filmed it! Talk about a brilliant display of color and imagery!!! And, I so want the costumes! LOL

Now on to the photos! This is week 2 AND week 3’s photos since I missed posting them before now!

Week 2:

I got lucky with this one! This is one of the shots I took at the charity event I mentioned before… It was the Annual ALA’a Oxygen Ball, Dancing With The Stars… I was honored to be asked to photograph an event for the American Lung Association and excited at the possibilities! I haven’t had much experience over the years with photographing ballroom dancing but, somehow, I managed to find that ‘sweet spot’ for shooting and happen to get all my settings adjusted just right to capture this photo and so many more beautiful shots/poses! This one is just one of my favorites! I look at it and I see the beauty and brilliance behind the dancers moves, the pose is poetic and the expression on her face is priceless, she is so ‘in the moment’! I just LOVE this photo!

Week 3:

This is from the baby photo shoot I did on Thursday before going to see Wicked! This is Alora, a good friend of mine’s baby girl! I am including this one for 2 reasons: First, because I love it! And second, because if you have ever done a photo shoot with a 6 week old baby, you will know the list of things that can and will go wrong during the shoot! Alora was not in the mood to be photographed! She wanted to be held! Once she was asleep though, we managed to be able to pose her in some really great poses with some really great props! I love this shot because it has a ‘Mother Earth’ feel to it with the wreath and the colors…

So, there you have it! One Amazing Photograph A Week, weeks 2 & 3… Have you been taking yours?


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