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So, You Wanna Be A Photographer? Part 3

WOW! These past couple weeks have been hectic! Between editing, shooting, urgent care trips, and my allergies putting me on my butt… I haven’t been able to keep up with much of anything! BUT… I again, let this blog suffer and I am sorry for that! So, with my apology out of the way, here we go!

Here is one of the questions you have to answer, at some point, preferably earlier rather than later: What kind of photographer do you wanna be?

I never could answer this question because I wanted to shoot EVERYTHING! I do not recommend this path for most people! It is a hard path with so many different road blocks, forks, twists and turns that, at times, you will get so down on yourself and your abilities (usually from spreading yourself too thin), that you will want to give up!

If you choose a specialty, i.e. weddings, portraits, nature, animals, print, fashion, etc… you will be more focused and know what you need to keep striving for. When you vary your abilities, you have to learn EVERYTHING you can about EVERYTHING there is in the photography world! It can be exhausting!

Figuring out your ‘specialty’ is easier than you may think! All you have to do is stop and think about what you enjoy shooting the most… Do you love working with children? Do you live for that perfect shot of a newly wed couple? Does your heart race when you see a beautiful nature scene? When you grab your gear, what do you WANT to shoot?

When you find your desired path, run for it! Learn everything you can about angles, lighting, aperture, ISO, everything that you can find focused on your desired path!

Need more help figuring it out? Message me! I can help you figure it out…

I know this was a short blog and for that, I’ll share some of the shoots I have been working on so much lately… Enjoy!!! And be sure to visit my website: to see more of my work and to keep up with what is keeping me so busy! You can also find me on fb: That Photography Dame and Diverse Perceptions Photography! Now, on to the photos:

From the GymRats shoot, Sports/Fitness photography:


Passport72’s Merchandise Shoot, Print/Media Photography:

Detyen’s Shipyard, Industrial Photography:

Hope this helps to explain and apologize for why I have been absent from my regular posting! Remember: Find what you are good at and never stop trying to perfect your abilities!!!


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