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Just a quick note to let you all know that I am sorry about Friday’s blog and that I will be posting a few over the next few days to make up for it!!! All good stuff too! Lots of great tips!!! Here is a photo from a shoot I did on March 15th…


Finally – The Joys Of An In-Studio Shoot!

This one is going to be short and sweet…

The joys:

1. Easier to control lighting! Without having to count on mother nature to provide good lighting, you take more risks and end up with better photos!

2. No ‘weather’ to worry about! Sure, you have to worry about the weather when it comes to getting to the studio but, once there, come rain or high-water, you can still shoot!

3. Over-all CONVENIENCE! No models looking for a place to change, no ‘looky-loo’s’ trying to figure out what is going on, no hassle of ‘restroom needs’! 


Oh, you thought this was just a ‘Joys Of’? Oh no… Here are some headaches:

1. Lighting not exactly as you wanted! Yes, no clouds to worry about but, depending on wall colors, size and texture, you may not get the lighting you wanted!

2. Sure, you don’t have to worry about standing in the rain, but it could still get tracked in or keep your models, etc from venturing out!

3. Some would argue that you sacrifice ‘realism’ for ‘convenience’, and I agree (to a point)! Sometimes, it just isn’t easy to shoot outside but, sometimes… You will not get ‘that shot’ indoors!

So, what am I getting at here? What is my point? Simple: Make yourself pliable! Be able to shoot indoors or out! Yes, most of the time, an indoor shoot is preferred but, you won’t get the same affect as you do outdoors! And, you won’t always be able to get the look you want indoors! Making yourself available for indoor AND outdoor shoots gives you a GREAT advantage over most photographers… Some have no idea how to light an indoor shoot and some are lost when the sun comes out… If you can handle both, you double, or more, your clientele and your model forum… Learn to be ready for anything! Make sure that when you look back at opportunities, you took them… Putting limits on yourself, especially something as simple as indoor or outdoor, will limit your creativity and your ability!!! Here are 2 examples of each, indoor and outdoor shoots:



(controlled lighting, at night with no flash or glare)






(nature’s lighting with a great backdrop and natural elements you could ‘fake’ indoors but never get exactly right)

Just be sure to be prepared for a ‘weather issue’ when planning a shoot… Sometimes the rain or clouds add just the right affect to the shot and sometimes, controlling your lighting is key…


The Joys of an In-Studio Photo Shoot!

Now you know the topic of the next blog…

Unfortunately, you will have to wait an extra day to read it! Sorry guys, I am going to be modeling and shooting tonight so, I wanted to wait till after the shoot to write this weeks blog…

I can, however, promise some very good content!!!

Check back tomorrow for the newest dose of That Dame’s Thoughts…

Until then, I will leave you with a piece of surrealistic work I did yesterday, just for fun… ENJOY!!!


So, life gets hectic and something suffers… It should not have been my blog though! I am sorry for that! I will be posting a new one on Thursday this week, instead of Friday… And, yes, it will be the one that should have been posted last week! Sorry again!

So, You Wanna Be A Photographer? Part 2

I’ve been searching my brain looking for what exactly I should put in this post and, to be honest, I’ve been at a loss! I started thinking back to when I first started in photography and thinking about all the stuff I wish I had known back then that I know now…

That was painful! I knew so little back then and have learned so much! It is a list about 50 miles long! So, I decided on this:

How To Find YOU In Your Photography!

This may sound odd to some but, it is very important to find you, to find your signature, your eye, your mark, that thing that makes your work… Yours!

I can look back on a photo I took 10 years ago and know instantly that it is mine, even though I have taken probably 100’s of thousands of photos… Because I can always see what it was I originally saw when I took the shot!

As a photographer, you have an unique ‘eye’ a vision that only you see… Here is an example:

Take a look at this snapshot (I’ll explain the difference between pics, photos and snapshots at the end of this post), what do you see? Some would see an old building that should have been torn down a long time ago. Some will see a specific era of architecture that is now destroyed. Others will see just a building. And you will see something completely different from what I see…

I will briefly explain what I see here… I see a beautiful expression of mother nature taking back a building that has long been empty… A building that has stories to tell, memories wrapped up in it’s walls and events that have probably been forgotten… I see a place that someone once loved and that someone once cared about, a place that someone tells stories about… And I would love to hear those stories!

Here is a ‘visual’ representation (photograph) of what I see:

Get it? I hope so!

You have to figure out what it is that separates you from every other photographer out there… I can always see the element that made me point my camera…

Find your ‘eye’ and have fun!!!

Definitions: These are MY definitions on how I differentiate between these items…

Pic: a quickly taken picture with a phone, point and shoot, or any image capture device that is usually low quality and not print worthy.

Photo: a picture taken with intended further use, editing, reference, etc. Usually not print worthy but has potential.

Snapshot: any picture taken with any intended use other than instant printing.

Photograph: a finished picture, either through editing or great skill in initial capture that is print worthy and considered ‘finished’.

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