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So, You Wanna Be A Photographer?

Here, I will give you the basics to getting started. Keep in mind, these are the basics, there is so much more to know. I will be posting more on this subject weekly! Hope you keep checking back to learn as much as you can!


1. Desire – You need to want to be a photographer. Don’t just do it for money or fame, you may never make much of either. This is not a way to get rich and famous. Itcanhappen but, is not very likely.

I Wanted To Be Subject & Photographer

2. Equipment – You will need a camera, obviously. Don’t worry if you can not afford a high end camera. The art of photography can be found in your vision (your eye), in editing and even in just raw simple shots. Of course, you can do more with a higher priced camera but, more is not always better!

Taken With A $4 Disposable Camera!

3. Subjects – Still life or living? Your first shots should just be to get the feel of shooting period. Take pictures of anything you want: grass, trees, books, your or your friends kids at play, the moon, a sunset, anything you want.

I Chose To Do Something Different

4. Keeping record – You took a photo of a flower in a road side field. On later inspection, you realize that there were so many other shots and so many other elements to this scene that you would love to return and explore. But, where on earth was that field? This is a common mistake made by even the best of photographers at times. ALWAYS, keep a record of where, what day & what time of day, and what equipment you used for every shot! You will be so grateful you did, trust me!

Found This In A Field Outside Mount Pleasant, NC

5. Be prepared – You never know when a perfect moment will pass by that could have made an amazing photo! Even if it is just a simple point and shoot, keep a camera with you at all times. There is no feeling like the regret of “I wish I had my camera for that shot!”

Walked Outside To Find This On My Car Hood One Morning

These are the 5 first steps to starting out! I must also say that practice does not make perfect (there is no such thing) BUT, practice is the best way to learn the art of photography and to master your abilities. We as photographers are always learning new tricks for lighting, movement, posing, timing, everything! So, go out and have fun shooting EVERYTHING you can!


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2 thoughts on “So, You Wanna Be A Photographer?

  1. Very informative…short, sweet, and to the point…I like it!

  2. Thanks! Even though you are biased! LOL

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